Amendment 4 – Not What it Seems – Way Too Extreme

The Florida Abortion Amendment:

Deceptive & Extreme

Why Vote No on Amendment 4?

Bait and Switch

Amendment 4 pretends to “just bring things back to how they were with Roe vs. Wade” – but it actually goes much further – allowing for abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy with no protections for the unborn baby.

No Definitions

Unlike other Amendments, Amendment 4 provides ZERO definitions of key words like “government interference”, “viability”, “health care provider”, “patient’s health” – so voters won’t even know what they’re voting on. This creates huge loopholes that will result in years of litigation and legal uncertainty.

Rubber Stamp

Amendment 4 gives abortion clinics a rubber stamp to approve late-term, third trimester abortions. That’s because Amendment 4’s “Health Care Provider(s)” aren’t just doctors but could be any one of dozens of health-intersecting occupations licensed by the state. Even abortion clinic staffers who aren’t doctors would have the authority to decide if the fetus is viable or if a health concern or complaint was significant enough to approve a full-term abortion.

No Parental Consent

Amendment 4 would make abortion the only medical procedure that minors could undergo without parental consent. Its tricky wording gives the impression that existing parental consent laws would remain in force but read it closely – it only preserves parental notification, not parental consent laws, which Amendment 4 would eliminate.

Too Extreme

Amendment 4 repeals all Florida laws that even inconvenience an abortion, even common-sense laws that most people on both sides of the issue support, like parental consent for minors seeking an abortion, informed consent, and laws that protect the safety of women.

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